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Johnny Monsarrat turns your online presence into a revenue stream, without spam or tricks

Think of all your potential customers in a pyramid. Those at the top participate and buy without prodding. Those at the bottom are unreachable. But those in the middle are a gold mine. They may not buy, but they will follow you online, become fans, and that leads to buys and referrals!

Johnny Monsarrat and Jason Gardner used smart selection and world-class software to build 50,000 Twitter followers (@JasonEscape, @OddBostonEvents), all of whom are real people in the right markets -- not junk accounts -- which increases our "reach", our ability to get fans to take action. Johnny Monsarrat also built the official website and online outreach for The Ledge, the major film starring Liv Tyler (Lord of the Rings). Previously Johnny Monsarrat was founder and CEO of Turbine, the videogames company that grew to 400 employees, created Lord of the Rings Online, and was bought by Warner Brothers. We can help you!

  • Optimize your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Plus
  • Inexpensive, professional websites that "convert" visitors to subscribers and buyers (see portfolio)
  • Search engine placement
  • Promotions of all types

And of course we build arts calendars, mobile applications, and fetch large and accurate lists of sales leads and other kind of data.

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